Scope Of Services

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Titanium Construction Services delivers a broad range of construction management services proven by a foundation executive team whose collective experience is quickly becoming highly recognized within the industry. We believe that Titanium Construction’s capabilities are only as valuable as the quality of the relationship that inspires them. This is why we have capitalized on the opportunity of building Titanium as a streamlined organization whose culture encourages frequent as well as, face to face interaction between clients and close knit Titanium team.

Clients can be assured of the personal interest and professionalism of Titanium staff whose methods are tailored to the unique need of each client and project. Titanium offers a number of client services, each highly regarded within the industry.

Titanium Construction Services is a full service construction and development company with a history of reliable services and quality performance that includes:

  • General Contracting
  • Construction Management
  • Project Consulting
  • Design/Build Turnkey
  • Multi-story Demolition

We serve all segments of the market, ranging from national mid and small-sized companies. The skills and resourcefulness of management, couples with the talent and productivity or our labor force, has resulted in a cooperative effort to successfully complete project that exceed the expectations of our clients.

As comprehensive and disciplined as our services are, we place great value on the team aspect of construction, working with others... Architects, engineers, and trade contractors, toward a common goal- successful completed projects for satisfied clients.